Минифигурки LEGO, 10 серия

Lego Minifigures Series 10, set 71001

Собери все минифигурки LEGO из новой золотой 10-ой серии!

В юбилейную серию вошли 16 совершенно новых персонажей и аксессуаров. Итак, новые 16 фигурок для коллекции минифигурок лего:

  1. Солдат XVIII века,
  2. Капитан дальнего плавания,
  3. Дед (дедуля),
  4. Пчёлка Майя - вообще-то в оригинале название - Bumblebee Girl, девушка-пчёлка, у нас иногда эту фигурку почему-то пчелой Майей называют,
  5. Библиотекарша,
  6. Маляр,
  7. Грустный клоун,
  8. Воительница,
  9. Крутой механик,
  10. Медуза Горгона,
  11. Lego Minifigures Series 10.

  12. Парашютист,
  13. Бейсболист,
  14. Законодательница моды,
  15. Римский центурион,
  16. Воин с томагавком,
  17. Игрок в пейнтбол.

, продаются в закрытых пакетиках, зато стоят недорого.

Фигурки лего 10-ой серии. Можно купить выбранных, продаются в открытую - заказать можно именно тех, что нужны!

В закрытых пакетиках 10-ая серия есть в продаже в майшоп (только там ошибка - написано, что это 13-ая серия, но 13-ая у Лего ещё не вышла - на лето 2013 ждём только 11-ую!).

LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 10 - 2013 - Set 71001.

Sea Captain

Sad Clown



Bumblebee Girl

Roman Commander

Warrior Woman


Tomahawk Warrior


Baseball Fielder

Revolution Soldier

Motorcycle Mechanic



Paintball Player

17-ая фигурка -. Mr Gold.

With 17 all-new, special minifigures in Series 10, the LEGO® Minifigure Collection continues to grow. Each minifigure comes in a sealed 'mystery' bag with its own special accessories, display plate and collecto r's leaflet. Inspired by movies, sports, history and just everyday life, this collection includes: Warrior Woman, Decorator, Sad Clown, Roman Commander, Bumblebee Girl, Motorcycle Mechanic, Grandpa, Revolutionary Soldier, Baseball Fielder, Librarian , Sea Captain, Medusa, Skydiver, Trendsetter, Paintball Player, and Tomahawk Warrior.

Фигурки серии - Лего минифигурки, 10 серия.
LEGO Minifigures Series 10, 2013, Set 71001

Мистер Золото - 17-ая уникальная фигурка (или первая).

Смотрите о нём отдельную статью - Lego Mr.Gold.

According to legend, Mr. Gold will bring you luck if you happen to spot him…or is it that you’ll need to have a lot of luck to find him? Either way, everybody wants to find the mysterious Golden Minifigure – but only a fortunate few will succeed!

Mr Gold

I dare say it’s your lucky day!

Rumor has it that somewhere out there is a very special Minifigure known as Mr. Gold. Shining and golden from the top of his tall top hat to the tips of his toes, he may be discovered in all sorts of unexpected places, but he never seems to turn up exactly when and where you’re looking for him.


Warrior Woman

Surrender or taste defeat!

A fierce fighter from a long-forgotten age, the Warrior Woman has earned her reputation in pitched battle with pirates, brigands and beasts all across the land. She doesn’t have the most civilized of manners, but her savage skill with spear and shield ensures that no one ever complains to her face.

Although even her closest friends don’t know the truth, the Warrior Woman was originally raised as a pampered princess in a distant kingdom. She eventually got tired of the royal life and ran off to be a mighty warrior instead – and she’s never regretted it for a single moment since!



Is this the right purple? It looks a little off…

This Decorator does more than just paint houses. He’s also responsible for coloring each and every LEGO® brick! You didn’t think that they just popped out of a big machine that way, did you?

With the help of his handy roller, the Decorator adds shade and tint to elements as they come down the production line. He paints them on all sides, making sure to coat each stud on top and tube underneath, and he takes care to get any special details just right. So the next time you reach into a big box of bricks, remember who to thank for making them look so bright and colorful!

Название фигурки - Грустный клоун, но можно назвать и точнее - это настоящий Пьеро! Замечательная фигурка.

Sad Clown

Why laugh when you can cry?

To the Sad Clown, everything in life is a tragedy. Things that other Minifigures find joyful and jolly only fill him with sadness and woe. Not even puppies, kittens and birthday parties can turn his melancholy frown upside-down.

Many have tried to cheer him up with surprise presents, funny internet videos, and their favorite knock-knock jokes. But no matter what they do or say, he just sits there and sighs. If only they understood that the Sad Clown is only truly happy when he’s totally and completely miserable!

Римский центурион.

Roman Commander

For the glory of Rome!

The Roman Commander can’t wait to lead the legions of Rome to victory. He keeps his sword sharpened, his armor polished, and his helmet’s horsehair crest neatly brushed at all times, just waiting for his emperor to give the order to charge.

The Roman Commander has studied all of the great battles and is sure that his tactics will win the day. The empire’s enemies will surrender, its borders will grow, and he will join the ranks of the most famous military leaders in history. He’s sometimes a little worried about the fact that his legions are made up of a single Roman Soldier, but at least it makes it easy to shout out commands!

Девушка-пчела (иногда переводят как Пчела Майя).

Bumblebee Girl

Buzz buzz buzz!

The Bumblebee Girl loves honey so much that she decided to become a fuzzy bumblebee herself. Sewing a homemade costume, she patiently waited near a hive until the bees accepted her as one of their own, and then joined them in buzzing around the meadow gathering nectar and pollen.

The happy and fun-loving Bumblebee Girl has become a familiar sight as she buzzes through town looking for flowers with her friends from the hive. She did eventually find out that bumblebees don’t make very much honey…but she’s having so much fun being a bee that she doesn’t really mind!

У нас фигурку называют обычно Крутой механик, точнее - механик по ремонту мотоциклов, а ещё точнее (судя по внешнему виду фигурки) - байкер-механик.

Motorcycle Mechanic

Clunking sound? Yeah, that’s supposed to be there.

When you want your ride to really roar, you take it to the Motorcycle Mechanic. He may look scruffy, but this veteran biker knows every inch of a motorcycle inside and out, and there’s no one else around who’s as good at making them perform their best.

Make no mistake: your bike may not look very pretty by the time the Motorcycle Mechanic gets done with it. His method of fixing up a part involves banging on it with his wrench until it works, and he says that any resulting dents, clanks or rattles just give a cycle more personality. But you’ll have to admit that after one of his repair jobs, it definitely runs faster, further, and above all LOUDER than ever before!

Дедуля (дед, дедушка) - отличная фигурка для создания семейки минифигурок Лего. С кружкой и газетой.


Everything was better back in my day!

Grandpa preferred everything the way it was when he was young, and he’ll tell you so every chance he gets. Mention that you liked the old brown LEGO® bricks better than the new ones, and he’ll say that when he was a kid, the only color you could get was red and you were happy to have it.

Ever since the first play themes came around, he’s been grumpy about all of those new-fangled pieces like doors, windows, and anything else that isn’t shaped like a brick. And don’t even get him started on today’s Minifigures with their fancy arms and legs and facial expressions!

У нас фигурку называют Солдат XVIII века, внешне - солдат французской армии времён Наполеона. Солдат-революционер.

Revolutionary Soldier

Give me liberty or give me disassembly!

Nothing is more important to the Revolutionary Soldier than freedom. His greatest wish is to see all people be free of hardship and oppression, and he’ll do everything he can to help make it a reality.

The Revolutionary Soldier doesn’t like fighting, but if that’s what it will take to protect his fellow Minifigures, then that’s what he’ll have to do. With his musket in his hand and his best powdered wig on his head, he’s here to stand up for independence and the rights of the little guy!

Игрок в бейсбол.

Baseball Fielder

I got it! I got it!

With the help of his lucky mitt, the Baseball Fielder can catch just about anything. From line drives to pop flies, if it’s in the air and heading his way, you can trust that it will end up safely in his big leather glove.

And baseballs aren’t the only thing that the Baseball Fielder catches. From his position in the outfield, he’s caught souvenirs dropped by fans, runaway rockets, and a falling star or two. He once even caught a bad cold, but then he had to sit out of the game for half a season!

Девушка-библиотекарь (библиотекарша), или просто Девушка в библиотеке.

Books are just about the Librarian’s most favorite thing in the entire world. Reading them can take you on exciting adventures in far-off lands, introduce you to new friends and cultures, and let you discover poetry, classic literature, science fiction and much more. If only everybody loved to read as much as she does, the world would be a better place…and quieter, too!

The Librarian feels that it’s extremely important to treat a book with the proper respect. You should always use a bookmark instead of folding down the corner of the page. Take good care of the dust jacket, and don’t scribble in the margins. And above all else, never – ever – return it to the library late!

Капитан дальнего плавания. С биноклем и чайкой.

Sea Captain

Another Kraken? Let me know if you spot one with ten heads.

The grizzled Sea Captain has been a nautical man his whole life, and it’s left him kind of jaded. Although he loves ocean adventure, these days it seems like nothing is quite exciting enough. When you’ve been to as many exotic places and seen as many unexpected sights as he has, you start to get used to it all.

Experiences that would amaze and thrill a younger sailor – like roaring whirlpools, thundering typhoons, and giant octopus attacks – just make the Sea Captain shrug and double-check his ship’s course. The rest of his crew wonders what it would take to impress their Cap’n…and they’re a little afraid of discovering the answer some day!

Медуза Горгона - жутковатая фигурка, на которую лучше не смотреть!


Look thisssss way, my dear.

As a mythical Gorgon, Medusa has the power to instantly turn any creature that looks directly at her to solid stone. Some people might think of this as a curse, but she loves it, even if the effect does only last a few hours.

Unfortunately for her mischievous hobby, her legend has become so well-known that almost nobody falls into Medusa’s trap these days. She’s tried all kinds of tricks, like hiding behind bushes and suddenly jumping out, pretending to be inside a TV set, and going undercover in the reptile house at the zoo…but the hissing of her hair always gives her away!

Парашютист. Лицо такое, как будто он уже выпрыгнул с самолёта, но обнаружил, что забыл парашют с собой взять. По легенде, он тренируется уже давно, а сегодня у него первый настоящий прыжок.


I’ll be jumping any second now. Yup, any second now.

The Skydiver has been training for a long time, and today he’s finally going to make his first big jump. The plane is in position, the door is open, and now all he’s got to do is hop out into the open air!

Maybe he’d better check his gear first. His helmet is in place…all of his straps and buckles are secure…but what about his parachute?! Phew, looks like it’s still right there on his back. Okay, everything’s set. Time to go! 3…2…1…or then again, maybe the Skydiver should check his gear one more time just to be on the safe side!

Девушка в тренде. У нас фигурку также называют Законодательницей мод. Но это не совсем верно - здесь у нас явно ультра-современная девушка - модная одежда, модный iPad, и даже собачка модная - она в тренде по всем параметрам!


It’s not easy to be super fashionable and popular all the time!

Everything the Trendsetter does becomes the next big thing. If she buys a certain phone, so does everybody else. If she reads a particular magazine, everyone else reads it too. All of the Minifigures that she meets want to look like her, act like her, and do all of the same things she likes to do.

The Trendsetter has to really think about the trends she’s going to set. If everybody buys her favorite food and clothes, then there won’t be any left for her, and if people know what movie she’s planning to see, the theater might sell out before she gets there. She isn’t sure why everybody seems to want to be just like her…but she has to admit that she doesn’t mind the attention one bit!

Забавная фигурка - игрок в пэйнтбол (paintball). Стреляем друг по другу шариками с краской.

Paintball Player

Ah, the most dangerous game…paintball!

The Paintball Player is constantly challenging his friends to paintball matches. When he plays, it’s with plenty of enthusiasm…maybe too much, because his excited whooping and hollering always seem to result in him getting totally splattered with paint as soon as the match begins.

But the Paintball Player doesn’t mind. As far as he’s concerned, he’s the best player in the most exciting sport around, and no amount of losses – or paint all over his clothes and helmet – will ever change his mind. And if his teammates object…well, they’re probably just not playing the game right!

Воин с томагавком, а точнее - конечно же, индеец с томагавком.

Tomahawk Warrior

Here’s another trick I can do with my tomahawk!

The Tomahawk Warrior uses his tomahawk for just about everything. He made it himself as a youngster, and it hasn’t left his side ever since. Over the years, he’s become an expert at finding all sorts of handy new things that it can do.

It can help build a boat, and it can open his mail. It can slice a pizza, cut firewood, or make a shelter when it’s cold and rainy. It can even be used to carve the handles for more tomahawks. The Tomahawk Warrior doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost his beloved tomahawk, and he doesn’t intend to ever find out!

Из истории подготовки набора

До того, как набор официально вышел в продажу, были картинки подготовительной серии, и в ней некоторые фигурки выглядят чуть иначе, и названия другие, например:

Toy Soldier - ждали фигурку игрушечного солдатика, но в серии её не вышло.

Девушка, которая вышла под названием Trendsetter, изначально звалась Trendy Diva, не было iPad.

А вот Медуза в подготовительной серии выглядела не так страшно, попроще.

Та фигурка, что вышла под названием Motorcycle Mechanic, изначально звалась Punk Biker - панк-байкер, поэтому механик так и выглядит, как панк-байкер.

Грустный клоун (Sad Clown) назывался Old Style Clown - старомодный клоун.

Библиотекарша называлась сначала Nerd Girl - девушка-умник

Tomahawk Warrior - просто индеец - Native American.

А вот колониальный судья (Colonial Judge) превратился в Revolutionary Soldier.

Lego Minifigures Series 10, set 71001

  • Очень хочу получить минифигурку медуза горгона.

    Гость (Сергей)
  • Я видела названия минифигурок 11 серии! Попробую выложить!

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  • So ni
  • Йети - это снежный человек, я так понимаю?:-)) Леди Робот - интересно, как будет выглядеть.:-))
    10-ая серия в России пока только появляется, жду, когда фигурки появятся в продаже

  • Об 11-ой серии статья здесь
    Правда, картинок пока не анонсировано.

  • Да, Йети - снежный человек. Интересно как будет выглядеть! Я надавно купила свою первую минифигурку из серий. У меня Солдат - революционер (из 10 серии)

    So ni
  • У меня из 10-ой серии пока нету... Нравятся Пьеро, пчёлка, и девушка в тренде.:-) И солдат - революционер, кстати, тоже.

  • Мне солдат не очень нравится, но он попался уже) Я тоже хочу пчелку, дедушку, Пьеро, девушку

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  • А, точно, дедушку забыла - такую фигурку я конечно тоже хочу!:-)

  • У меня уже есть медуза гордона я очень очень рад

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  • У меня есть горгона медуза, рыцарь, капитан дальнего плаванья, маляр, парашютист, механик

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  • Надо тоже кем-нибудь из 10 серии обзавестись... А то до сих пор ни одной фигурки отсюда нету.:-)

  • У меня уже много фигурок, но больше всего хотел бы пейнтболиста. И, понятное дело, мистера голда. Но на то что мне попадется мистер голд я и не рассчитываю.

  • Только вот не пойму - в коробочках для хранения 15 мест для фигурок, а в каждой коллекции по 16.

  • Для меня это тоже необъяснимая загадка.:-)
    Ну да у нас уже минифигурок столько, что коробочек не напасёшься, храним так, навалом.

  • Я собрал всех

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  • Везёт же, у меня из 10 серии пока никого!

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  • Говорят, что есть, но мало кто его видел, такой он редкий!

  • Я не вру

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  • Фигурки лего 10-ой серии появились

    Можно купить выбранных - именно тех, что нужны!

  • У меня есть воительницы моды, у меня она сейчас в руках

    Гость (Девочка Конфеточка Гость)
  • Эта серия появилась в продаже в майшоп, только там ошибка - сказано, что это минифигурки 13-ой серии. Такой ещё нет и в помине, а на фото - 10 серия:-) Продаются фигурки в закрытых пакетиках

  • А сколько мистеров Голдов получили в Москве?

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  • А у меня уже все минифигурки 10 серий кроме мистера Голда.

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  • Найти мистера Голда НЕ РЕАЛЬНО.

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  • Да, я тоже так думаю - если он где-то и есть, то до России может и не доехать.

  • Об этом загадочном мистере Голде теперь отдельная статья:-)

  • Лучше они не продавали мистера Голда а то ели го получить надо прощуповать весь день или до хрена денег платить.

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  • Да да, нереально (точнее малый шанс найти именно ту коробку где он) я всю караганду объездил штук 4 - 5 коробок прощупал, ни кого, правда я раз лохонулся (((голд мог быть мой но я подумал это пьеро а домой пришел почитал про него хотел опять в магазин но уже поздно потом пришел другая коробка (

    Гость (Руся Лего Фанат)
  • Может они в Россию вообще не поставляются... И такое может быть. Но даже если они в пакетиках и есть-то 5000 экземпляров на весь мир - это один Голд на тысячи коробок!!

  • У меня есть все минифигурки кроме голда и капитана

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  • Я когда ездил в москву перещупал 3 коробки и нашол мистера голда в начале 4

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  • Обзор Пьеро из этой серии

  • минифигурки просто класс жаль у меня не вся колекция

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  • Мистера голда не реально выщупывать. Есть один маленький шанс. И то етого лего нету в России
    А очень жаль.

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