Игрушки Blue Box

Игрушечная компания Blue Box была основана в 1952 году мистером Питер Чан Пуи (Mr. Peter Chan Pui), который и сегодня является главой компании. Производство изначально находилось в Гонконге и Сингапуре. В 1980-х годах производство переехало в Китай. Игрушки компании - пример по-настоящему хороших и качественных китайских игрушек.

Ассортимент игрушек компании очень широк, в основном - разные развивающие игрушки. Есть коллекции хороших фигурок. Есть и игрушки для самых малышей.

Брэнды компании: B Kids, Thomas&Friends (это знаменитый паровозик), Hello Kitty, b2, bbi (линия коллекционных фигурок солдат, начиная с солдат 2-й мировой войны, масштаб 1:6).

CY Girls - это коллекция женских военных фигурок, ростом они 12 дюймов (практически как Барби), в детализированным оружием.

Официальный сайт - www.blueboxtoys.com/.

bbi Elite Force 1/6 figure line offers highly articulated, accurate depictions of soldiers from various theatres of operation from World War II to the modern day. 

CY Girls is an independent product line featuring special female fighting forces that come with gears. CY GIRLS are Beautiful 12" fully articulated 1/6 scale collector quality action figures complete with authentically detailed accessories and weapons.

Blue Box was founded in 1952 by Mr. Peter Chan Pui, who is today the company Chairman. Our first item at that time was the now famous "drinks and wets" doll. Through the following years, Mr. Chan Pui, developed and expanded the Blue Box line and established factories in both Hong Kong and Singapore. In the 80's the manufacturing facilities were moved to China. Since that time and under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Chan Pui Blue Box has evolved into a world class, totally integrated manufacturing, sales and marketing organization. 

We currently produce a broad range of toys covering infant and preschool, boys, girls electronic and collectibles. And whilst we are committed to maintaining and strengthening our core business in these categories, we are constantly seeking new opportunities and researching new business and product directions. This year we are introducing an extensive line of highly detailed collector figures drawn from the characters in highly successful video games.

Our first releases feature characters from the games Omega Boost and Fighting Force, and we will follow these up with an on-going program of new characters. Supporting these will be a line of our own development known as Elite Force.