Куклы CY Girls

CY Girls - специальная линия военных женщин-кукол в форме и с детализированным оружием. Рост кукол - 12 дюймов (то есть как Барби), это масштаб 1:6.

Мне привычнее куклы в вечерних платьях, но часто замечаю, что многие дети, и девочки в том числе, любят играть с солдатами, а тем более (девочки) - с солдатками. Поэтому, нравятся мне эти куклы или нет (в общем на мой взгляд, они очень интересны), посвящаю им отдельную статью. Про качество и устройство кукол сказать пока ничего не могу, так как вживую их ещё не видела, если они у меня в коллекции появятся (что вполне вероятно) - добавлю информацию.

Статья о производителе (Китай) здесь - Blue Box игрушки. Брэнд - bbi collectible. Комбинирование функций куклы и action figure. Есть также видео игра - Cy Girls video game.

Как устроены куклы Cy Girls - здесь.

CY Girls is an independent product line featuring special female fighting forces that come with gears. CY GIRLS are Beautiful 12" fully articulated 1/6 scale collector quality action figures complete with authentically detailed accessories and weapons.

CY GIRLS (also known as CY Girls or Cy Girls, and as COOL GIRL in Japan) is an action figure series by Takara Tomy and Blue Box Toys under the brand bbi collectible, featuring an elite unit of female crimefighters, combining the elements of both a doll and an action figure. In 2004 a Cy Girls video game was developed by Konami for PlayStation 2.

The Cy Girls series of female action figures was created as an action counterpart of Barbie. The products were first manufactured in 2000 by Blue Box Toys with a voluptuous body to appeal to young adult male collectors.

  • The original variation of the dolls features 14 points of articulation (joints) that allows the arms and legs to move out to the sides into a spread position, with movable shoulders, elbows, thighs, ankles, wrists and a neck. It features interchangeable hands, a detailed nude torso, and pivoting ankles. The first variation of the dolls (referred as the first wave) features three different characters in costumes of different occupations; including a brunette mercenary named Kat, dressed in a camouflage vest and shorts, stockings and a black beret; a blonde spy named Sky, dressed in a blue body suit; and a redhead police officer named Jet, dressed in a black leather outfit and a black beret.
  • The second wave includes a short-haired brunette police SWAT officer dressed in a navy blue jumpsuit named A. J. McLeod; another redhead police officer dressed in a black leather body suit with a black beret named Blaze; and an Asian ninja dressed in black red and silver robes named Shadow.
  • The third wave features an African American with platinum blonde hair dressed in a red mini dress and black leather jacket named Ebony; an astronaut with short red hair dressed in a white space suit named Aurora; a blonde biker wearing a black leather racing jumpsuit and helmet named Nikki, and a white brunette heavy weapons specialist with black body armor named Destiny.
  • The fourth wave features a brunette VR soldier dressed in a dark purple body suit named Electra; a blonde dressed in a blue body suit with silver shoulder pads and white knee high boots named Ice, an Asian ninja dressed in maroon robes over an inner black body suit with silver shin guards and gauntlets named Aska; and Bloody Rose, a white girl dressed in a Gothic black dress and stiletto high heeled shoes with a pale complexion.
  • The final wave of the first variation features two limited editions of the original body painted with chrome paint coatings on the nude body; one in silver, and another in gold.
Perfect Body Female

The second Cy Girls type of variations is known as the Perfect Body Female. These dolls molds were not based on the ones produced by Takara Tomy and instead they were manufactured and produced independently by Blue Box Toys, featuring 24 points of articulation based on the basic design of the Ultimate Soldier. This double-jointed feature on the knees and elbows enables them to be posed in any conceivable position the human body is capable of. It features two interchangeable busts of medium and large sizes with nipples molded on them (the large bust was discontinued and replaced with a much smaller one that was almost flat chested), pivoting ankles and interchangeable hands, designed to hold any weapons or accessory. The products are packaged in a transparent box with a silver painted plastic strip covering the extra bust and the doll is dressed in a grey work-out sports bra with matching shorts.

  • The original version of the doll has three variations of white women: the first one has a tan complexion brown hair and blue eyes, the other two are a red head with brown eyes, and a blond with blue eyes; both with a pale complexion.
  • The second series of the Perfect Body Female (known as stage 2) features a blonde and brunette with slightly darker colored complexions dressed in grey sports bras and shorts; an African American with a dark complexion and gold colored hair dressed in a black sports bra and shorts, and an Asian with black hair and a peach colored complexion dressed in a blue work-out sports bra and shorts. The head sculpts are in a slight more oblong shape to give them a more realistic look.
  • The final series of the Perfect Body Female (known as stage 3) features two variations of a Hispanic head scuplt with black hair, and two more white girls; including a dark haired red head with green eyes, and a brunette with green eyes: both featuring the same head sculpt.

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