Littlest Pet Shop первых серий, 1990-ые года

Винтаж игрушки Littlest Pet Shop рядом с куклой 18 см ростом.

Популярные и сегодня игрушки (маленькие фигурки животных) Littlest Pet Shop от Hasbro имеют уже богатую историю. С этими зверьками играет уже не первое поколение детей. Появились эти игрушки в 1990-х годах, сейчас их история насчитывает уже около 20 лет!

Сегодня мы покупаем новые серии игрушек Pet Shop (Пет Шоп, по-русски обычно называют Маленький Зоомагазин) - они яркие, с подвижными головками. А первые серии Littlest Pet Shop выглядели немного иначе.

Друзья из Америки передали некоторые из первых Пет Шоп игрушек - публикую их все в данной статье, вместе с историей развития компании и описанием серий, которые выходили в разные года. На этих игрушках стоит ещё первый штамп производителя - не Hasbro, а Kenner.

В 2005 году были выпущены новые Пет Шоп, которые нам сейчас и знакомы - большеголовые зверюшки. Известно уже более 3000 зверюшек, выпущенных в разных сериях Littlest Pet Shop от Хасбро, так что коллекция просто огромная! Выпускаются также игры для игровых приставок и консолей, а также серия зверюшек Пет Шоп вместе с маленькими куколками Блайз.

Материал старых Пет Шоп другой - плотный пластик в основном (примерно как киндеры), только некоторые "резиновые", сейчас же все ПетШоп - плотная резина.

Кошки и мышки, Littlest Pet Shop первых выпуской (1990-ые гг.).

Littlest Pet Shop is a toy franchise owned by Hasbro. The original toy series was produced by Kenner in the early 1990's. An animated television series by 'Sunbow Productions' and 'Jean Chalopin Creativite et Developpement', based on the franchise, made in 1994 in television.

A new version of Littlest Pet Shop was introduced in 2005. This new version has proportionally large heads and has no connection to the Littlest Pet Shop television show. There are currently over 3,000 different pets that have been created by the Hasbro company. Hasbro has produced Littlest Pet Shop video games for DS, Wii, and PlayStation 3. Hasbro also created pets to "adopt" and play with online. In 2010 the Blythe Loves The Littlest Pet Shop line was released by Hasbro, with Blythe dolls as petsitters.

Kenner Toys

Два пуделя (можно дёргать за хвостик - двигают один ногой, второй головой), и обезьянка. Старые Пет Шоп.

Introduced in 1992, each set included an action, such as a movable part. Most included magnets or simple mechanisms like flapping wings.

Появились в 1992 году, практически все зверюшки здесь имеют какую-либо интересную особенность: магниты, или подвижные части.

The line includes:


(Where sets released in 1992 were remade in 1993 in different colors, the 1992 set is described)

  • Li'l Paw Prints Pets - Choice of fat yellowish cat or black and tan dog. They came on a molded plastic base that would hide a rolling stamper built into the underside of the pet. The cat's stamp had red ink, and the dog's had purple.

Ready to Go Pets

    Краб и фея с зелёным червячком - НОВЫЕ Littlest Pet Shop, рядом со старыми игрушками серии (1990-ые гг).

  • Happy Puppy :) Dalmatian with purple pet carrier, ID tag, food dish, and magnetized red brush that, when moved in front of its stomach, causes its tail to wag. 1993 version: black dog, green brush
  • Hurrying Hamsters Two hamsters with clear container (yellow lid), ID tag, water bottle, bag of paper "litter", and clear pink "wheel". The curved hamster has a little weight in its belly - when placed in wheel and handle turned, hamster would "run" in wheel. 1993 version: two-tone hampsters
  • Ticklish Toucan Magenta toucan with green feet, with light turquoise cage with lavender bars, ID tag, perch, and food dish. If you touched the toucan's head, her wings would flap. 1993 version: red toucan
  • Мышки-хомячки, винтажные Littlest Pet Shop. Хомячки - с магнитами.

  • Color Change Chameleon - Green temperature-sensitive lizard with pink container (blue lid), ID tag, water bottle, and "desert" background. 1993 version: orange chameleon
  • Bashful Bunny white bunny with light turquoise basket, ID tag, bunch of carrots, and food dish (green food). If you pressed down on the bunny's tail, her ears would twitch. 1993 version: brown patched bunny, pink basket
  • Frisky Kitty - a black/grey cat with pink carrier, ID tag, food dish, and magnetized ball of wool. 1993 version: cream-cloured cat

Pet Presents

  • Cutesy Kittens - Golden kitty, Gray-point white kitty (Brown and Tortie respectively in the 1993 version). cat house (with a built-in litter box on base), food dish, scratching post, and magnetized toy mouse on string. Golden kitty's head had a magnet in it and would bobble its head when the mouse was dangled in front of it. Press the gray/white kitty's tail, and her arms would move up and down in a scratching motion.
  • Mice - Three mice (two magnetised) (Grey or white in 1992 version, black and white patched in 1993 version), terrarium with landscape insert, lid that could be flipped over to become a maze, magnetized cheese, water bottle and food dish.
  • Turtles - Two turtles with a terrarium (Green with blue shells in 92, yellow with orange shells in 93), water dispenser, landscape with palm tree, and food dish.
  • Playful Puppies - two dogs (White fluffy dog, Brown and white mutt. Grey and white splotched fluffy dog and pure brown mutt in 1993 version), large basket, paper newspaper, dog-bone, fire hydrant, and food dish.

Cozy Home Pets

    Винтажные Littlest Pet Shop, далматин, кошечки...

  • Puppy Trio - Poodle, German Shepherd, and black/brown mutt. Came with doghouse and fenced-in green grass base, food dish, mailbox, and magnetized newspaper. Press poodle's tail, and she'd scratch her ear. Press shepherd's tail, and he'd shake a paw. The other dog's bobble head was magnetized to play tug-o-war with the paper and bone.
  • Gerbils - Four gerbils, two yellow transparent plastic enclosures, connecting pipes, exercise wheel, food dish, water dispenser, and magnetic wand to move gerbils through pipes.
  • Fish - Tank with colorful, floating fish.
  • Monkeys - A trio of monkeys with a tree, two platforms, tire-swing, food and water bowl, and two bunches of bananas.

Mommy and Babies

Each set came with 5 babies and a mommy. Two of the babies had magnets inside and would "suckle" the mother. Each set seems to have used multiple variations in colour.

  • Mommy and Baby Puppies - Grey and white mother and pups.
  • Mommy and Baby Kitties - Grey or white mother, kittens come in yellow, grey and white.
  • Mommy and Baby Bunnies - White or brown mother, Brown, white and grey babies, cardboard vegetable garden, grassy terrain with hole, basket, bunch of carrots, lettuce, and food and water bowl.

Play sets

  • Pet Shop - Came with a variety of accessories and two caged lovebirds that would "kiss" when lever moved. (92 version is aqua, 93 version is coral)
  • Care Center - Veterinarian play set with dog, kitten, and numerous veterinarian pieces.
  • Kennel Playcase (1994) - A re-purposed pet shop play set, this set uses the same overall mould but comes with different accessories and a differently shaped counter.

Beethoven's 2nd

Littlest Pet Shop Бетховен-2, 1993 год.

Based upon the hit movie series, there was a number of playsets featuring the infamous Saint Bernard dogs.


Pal Around Pups

  • Splash Happy Puppies - Four dogs, bath tub, bathroom counter and bathroom accessories.
  • Prize Winning Pups - Four dogs, awards stage, carrier, and accessories.

Splashtime Pets

  • Swimming Ducklings

Mother duck with two baby ducklings, all magnetized, bowl of food, and pond. the ducks could be made to move in the pond by a magnetized wand.

  • Deepsea Divers

A small tank with two separated sides that both have coral, one side is blue and the other is red with yellow coral. Hot water is supposed to go in the red side and cold water on the blue side to make the seahorse turn colors. There is an octopus that squirts water, a snail, a seahorse that hooks on the coral and a magnet wand.

  • Jump 'n Splash Frogs

Three frogs on lily pads, a tank with a catapult, jar of food, and frog jumping contest mat.

Chatter pets

  • Chirpy Tree Friends - Skunk, Raccoon, Squirrel, Tree, and hanging food dish.
  • Chirpy Birds - included four birds and a clear aviary. There was a button on the top of the aviary that would chirp when pressed.
  • Purry Kittens - included three cats and a kitty condo, and a mouse with a box that squeaked.

My Real Pets

  • Playful Persian
  • Littlest Pet Shop Siamese - сиамская кошка, 1994 год.

  • Sleek Siamese
  • Clever Collie
  • Fancy Poodle
  • Lively Shih Tzu
  • Brave German Shepherd

Littlest Pet Shop Zoo (1993 - 1994)

Keep me safe pets:

  • Jungle Bunch - elephant, panda, leopard, and parrot, with zoo enclosure, bowl of food, coconut, and branch of bamboo - Elephant squirts water when squeezed, Panda holds bamboo and raises it toward face when head is pushed, Leopard bats coconut when head is pushed and parrot flaps wings when head is pressed.
  • Polar Pets - polar bear, two penguins, and a seal, with icy cave, fishing rod - Polar bear has magnet in head, chases fish. Penguins have ball bearings on bottom allowing them to "slide" down the iceberg and seal flaps flippers when ball on its nose is turned.

Nursery Pets:

  • Baby Tigerbaby tiger and a baby cockatoo, with a zoo enclosure, food bowl, and ball-on-string. Tiger shares a mould and gimmick with the jungle bunch leopard.
  • Baby Chimp - baby chimp, with a zoo enclosure with hammock, baby's bottle, nappies, doll, and blanket. - Monkey wets self.
  • Baby Zebra - baby zebra and baby mouse, with a zoo enclosure, brush, and bale of hay - Zevra has a wheel hidden in its mane, when turned one foot kicks.

Playful Ponies

  • Arabian Prancers - One black rearing pony, one standing grey.
  • Shy Shetlands - Shetland ponies, mummy and baby.
  • Indian Ponies - Two ponies, one cream, one brown. Comes with an apple

Wilderness Pets

  • Baby Bobcat - Baby bobcat, cave, food bowl, and toy mouse on string of pink. - Same as petshop standing kitties, bobcat has a magnet in the head and will follow the mouse.
  • Desert Parakeet Same as below, Blue not grey.
  • Fearless Falcon - Tan falcon, purple bowl of grey food, desert terrain in enclosure with blue lid. - flaps wings
  • Honey Bear - Bear, cave, orange bowl of purple food, and mug of honey that the bear can hold. - Like panda, raises honey pot to "eat"
  • Playful Sea Lion - Sea lion with starfish on its nose. When the starfish is turned, the sea lion 'claps'

Keep Me Safe Pets (94 release)

  • Lion Family

Play With Me Pets:

  • Mommy HenHen with baby chicks in eggs in nest, that chirps when pressed. Also included coop and food/water dish.
  • Baby Calf - Tail swishes when head petted
  • Baby Lamb - Woolly coat comes off

Zoo Playset

  • PlaysetBeige carry case, that folds open with two internal trees, Two bright green leaf canopies; one fits on top of each tree trunk, Purple chest, accessories in yellow, aqua, or bright pink: two sacks, small bale of hay, bag of peanuts, bucket of fruit, bamboo stick, bunch of bananas, two fish.

1995 - 1996

Kenner also produced sets in 1995 and 1996 ranging from "Shimmering Mer Pets" to Plush "Dazzling Hair Pets", diverging further from their original pet shop sets.

  • Seaworld - Featured several Sea World stars like Baby Shamu.
  • McDonald's Happy Meal - included fantasy creatures, such as a unicorn and a dragon.
  • Television Series - featuring the characters from the animated LPS stories.


Whilst most Kenner Littlest Pet Shop sets are not rare, some are hard to find, including the foxes, deer, and swans. The rarest known set is the Pony n' Pet Stable Play set, which is worth more than $3000 USD.

Хотя большинство игрушек Kenner Littlest Pet Shop не является редкостью, многих персонажей найти очень сложно (таких, как лисички, олени, лебеди). Самый редкий из известных игровых наборов - с пони: Pony n' Pet Stable, такой сегодня можно увидеть в продаже за сумму в 3000 долларов и даже дороже!

Hasbro toys (2005 - настоящее время)


A turtle with carry case and a little frog.

Владелец бренда "Маленький зоомагазин" (Littlest PetShop), сегодня это компания Hasbro, – мировой лидер по производству детской развлекательной продукции. "Маленький зоомагазин" – бренд №1 в Европе по объему и обороту розничных продаж. Продажи опережают My little Pony и в ряде стран даже Barbie. С перезапуска бренда в 2005 году продано около 200 млн. игрушек. Под маркой Littlest PetShop также выпускаются: детский текстиль, школьные товары, канцелярские товары, товары для вечеринок и праздников, одежда, обувь, кондитерские изделия, товары для творчества, журналы, различные электронные устройства (плееры, записные книжки), электронные игры и аксессуары. Бренд имеет более 150 лицензиатов в мире. "Маленький зоомагазин" становится все более популярным и в России. Широкий ассортимент игрушек бренда успешно продается в большинстве российских магазинов для детей и в супермаркетах. В 2008 и 2009 годах реализованы специальные акции в Макдоналдс (Хэппи Мил) и призовые акции в сетях магазинов игрушек.

Littlest Pet Shop старые (винтаж) игрушки

  • крутые старые, даже очень. Из новых у меня ... только персидская кошка. Очень хочу кошку из старой коллекции.

  • Я люблю литл пет шоп!

    Гость (Лена Золотых)
  • И старые, и новые, по своему хороши!( старые очень похожи на животных, ) Новые просто очень милые! ( эти глаза, они все так на тебя смотрят! Особенно когда много,)

    Гость (Марсюпилами)
  • Да, петшопы всегда были хорошие, и старые замечательные, и современные прелесть!
    Они б сейчас ретро-вариант выпустили, как из старых серий, было бы здорово. Здесь фигурки другие, они тоже очень классные.

  • Да, как ретро-Барби выпустили сейчас и петшоп также надо. ( но этого наверно не произойдет, тогда в кампании другие люди работали, те кто сейчас не станут наверно снова выпускать.)

    Гость (Марсюпилами)
  • Почему не станут? Если они подумают, что будет спрос, вполне могут. Но пока что-то таких серий у них совсем не видно. ☹

  • я бы старых петшопов 90 х всех лошадок бы хотела в идеальном состоянии . Очаровахи просто !!!

    Гость (Ольга)
  • Старі дуже нудні

    Гость (Плутон бетерфлай)