Tutti, сестра Барби

Одна из интересных кукол, Tutti от Mattel, сестра Барби, позднее ей на смену пришла Стэйси (Stacie). Редкая кукла, о ней сегодня мало кто знает.

Barbie's younger brother Todd has a twin sister. This sister was called "Tutti" in the 1960s, and was later called "Stacie" upon her re-release in the 1990s and beyond. It is generally assumed that they are the same character, since Todd couldn't have more than one twin sister.

У младшего брата Барби Тодда есть сестра-близнец, изначально это была Tutti, но позже в обновлённой линейке стала Stacie.

"Года жизни" Tutti, когда она выпускалась - 1966—1971, всего 5 лет.

Лицо у неё на мой взгляд немного странное, Stacie выглядит симпатичнее. Здесь на фото без одежды видно, как эта кукла устроена.

Тутти и Тодд Робертс - родные брат и сестра куклы Барби (Barbie), двойняшки-близнецы, дебютировали в 1966 году, выпускались до 1971, а в магазинах Европы продавались до 1980, когда выпуск был прекращён. Они представлены как младшие школьники 6-9 лет.

У Тутти был друг по имени Крас.

Тодд потом был представлен в 1991 году в наборе Свадьба подруги Барби Мидж. У Тодда тогда - новый, отличный от прежнему head mold (голова), копирайт которой приходится на 1990 год.

Tutti Roberts and Todd Roberts were Barbie's younger twin siblings. They debuted in 1966 were available in the US and Europe from 1966 to 1971, and remained on the European market until 1980 when they were discontinued. They appeared to be small school children (about 6–9 years old) and had bendable bodies. Tutti had a friend named Chris.

Todd was reintroduced in 1991 as part of the wedding party for Barbie's best friend Midge Hadley. The new Todd had a new head mold with a copyright date of 1990. This new Todd was dressed in a tuxedo and packaged in a large giftset of six dolls that included Midge as the bride, Alan as the groom, Barbie as the maid of honor, Ken as the best man, Todd as the ring bearer, and a doll named Kelly as the flower girl. Todd and Kelly as ring bearer and flower girl were also packaged together as a pair. This Kelly doll, not to be confused with today's toddler Kelly from the Barbie line, was the same size/age as Todd. Indeed, she was made with exactly the same body and head molds. The next year, the Todd-sized Kelly doll was replaced by Stacie Roberts, who had a brand new head mold with a cheerful smile. Tutti was not reintroduced; Stacie is believed to be a modern incarnation of Tutti.

Mattel produced several more of the new Todd dolls over the next few years, some in both white and African American versions. But Todd was dropped from the Barbie line and was not brought back with Stacie when she reappeared in the wee 3 friends series.

The latest version of Todd is the 2008 Todd and Stacie "Mary Poppins" boxed set, with a comment on the back that 'Todd and Stacie are dressed as Michael and jane from Disney's "Mary Poppins"'.

Кукла Tutti от Mattel, фото