Книга о кукольной миниатюре (оригинальная)

Dolls' House Accessories, Fixtures & Fittings

Автор: Andrea Barham

Языки: Английский

Издательство: Sterling

ISBN 1861081030; 1999 г.

Эта уникальная книга, изданная уже много лет назад, каким-то удивительным образом оказалась сейчас в продаже в Озоне, вот здесь.

Кто профессионально (или не очень) кукольной миниатюрой занимается - это для вас. :-)

Витраж для кукольного дома своими руками.

Decorate your dolls' house in exactly the style you want - without spending a fortune.
Learn how to create or customize fixtures, furnishings and accessories, using paint effects, plasterwork, papier-mache, plastics and soft soldering - to name but a few of the materials and techniques that are included. 

With the help of this book, you can achieve in miniature just about anything that you can imagine, combining the pleasure of collecting with the satisfaction of exercising your own creativity. Transform inexpensive furniture, or make accessories and furnishings from scratch. If you want Victorian floor tiles or a rococo mirror frame, you can have them. 

Thirty-eight essential projects show how the techniques can be applied, to give your dolls' house a unique and professional look.

Techniques and projects include: 

Кукольная мебель своими руками.

Plaster casting: ceiling rose;
- Splatter painting: fire surround;
- Trompe l'oeil: quilted screen;
- Soft soldering: brass plant stand;
- Routing: Georgian tour-poster bed;
- Patination: Victorian jardini?re;
- Crackle glaze: distressed linen cupboard;
- Polymer clay: marble chess table;
- Spray painting: Georgian clothes press;
- French polishing: long-case clock;
- Plastics: stained glass window;
- Upholstery: Knole soft;
- Papier-mache: chair;
- Basketry: linen basket;
- Weaving: rag rug;
- Sheet metal: kitchen range;
- Marquetry: veneered cabinet;
- Quick quilting: bedspreads;
- Lacquering: japanned bureau;
- Stencilling: Regency curtains.

Аналогичные книги иногда попадаются в разделе Декоративное искусство.

Также есть ещё одна книга по кукольной миниатюре и кукольным домикам, тоже оригинальная:

Dolls' House Inspirations

Она продаётся здесь.

Автор: Jean Nisbett

Языки: Английский

Издательство: Guild of Master Craftsman

ISBN 1861085095; 2008 г.

Modern miniaturists are ready to tackle a wider and more challenging range of projects than ever before. Whether you are a collector who wants a fully furnished doll’s house, a miniaturist who wants a ready-made house to decorate, or a hobbyist who wants to make a house from a kit, you’ll find a huge variety of exciting projects and ideas here—from Tudor designs, to a Georgian mansion; from a French farmhouse, to a 17th century Dutch home. Outdoors enthusiasts are not forgotten either, with whole sections on gardens, and garden buildings, such as an orangery and a summerhouse. Illustrated throughout with lavish color photography, this beautifully realized source of inspiration is sure to provide many hours of pleasure.