Мини книги детские на английском языке

Для коллекционеров миниатюрных книг. Новая находка: замечательные комплекты ярких детских книжечек, на английском языке (издательство Priddy Books и Macmillan Publishers) - в продаже в России! И цены очень привлекательные!

Из майшоп: разделы Priddy Books и Macmillan Publishers. Там в основном полноформатные книги, но есть и мини.

My First Pocket Library. У этого набора (4 книжки) не указан формат, к сожалению. Nick Sharratt’s trademark bold illustrations and sense of humour make this the really fun way for kids to learn about counting, patterns, colours and opposites. The slipcase contains four colourful and sturdy board books which will keep children entertained for hours! And best of all the handy pocket size means it’s small enough to take with you everywhere!

А вот набор мини книг от Egmont, 6 штук в наборе, размер 90х90. World of Happy Pocket Library.

Six little board books in a slipcase, all celebrating positive and uplifting values: love, friendship, happiness, fun, respect and teamwork. When you've read the books, turn them over and together they make a jigsaw picture. From the creator of "Purple Ronnie, Edward Monckton" and a whole host of winning children's books.

Early Learning Fun Pocket Library, 6 книг в наборе, размер 80x80.

Funny Faces Pocket Library, 6 книжечек в наборе, размер 80x80.

My Little Pocket Farm Library, 6 книг в наборе. Размеры: 80x82.

Things That Go, 6 книг, размер 80х82.

Замечательный набор из 9 мини книг. В общем коробочке. A collection of 9 miniature board books in an attractive carry box, featuring the animal characters and uplifting themes of Giles Andreae's "World Of Happy".

Набор со сказками, мини книги. Fairytales Pocket Libraries. Здесь 6 сказок, размер 90х90. Suitable for children, this title includes six fairy tales: "The Gingerbread Man", "The Ugly Duckling", "The Frog Prince", "Little Red Riding Hood", "The Three Little Pigs" and "Goldilocks".

On the Move: Pocket Library, размер 90х90.

Aims to keep busy boys and machine-mad toddlers entertained for hours. This sturdy book features colourful pictures and vehicle noises to join in with.

Mr. Men Pocket Library, 6 историй, размер книг 90х90. 

Contains six stories that let you join some of the favourite Mr Men.

Fairyland: Pocket Library, 6 историй-книг, размер 90х90.

Featuring six enchanting stories about the fairies of Fairy Land, this pink pocket library includes fun and sparkles for little girls and anyone who believes in fairies. It is presented in a pink foiled slipcase.

Timmy Time Pocket Library, 6 книг, размер 92х92.

Timmy is a little lamb with a lot to learn. He scores the winning goal, helps find a hiccup cure and learns about sharing.

6 мини книг про паровозика Томаса. Размер 92х92.

Thomas and Friends Pocket Library. Contains six fun stories featuring engines new and old.

Postman Pat Pocket Library, 6 мини книг в наборе, размер 95х91. Lets you join Pat and Jess on six adventures in Greendale and Pencaster.

Fireman Sam Pocket Library, 6 книг, 92х92.

Contains six stories featuring Sam and the crew that race to rescue.

6 книг про Боба-строителя. Bob the Builder on Site Pocket Library, размер 92х91. 

Lets you go `On Site` with Bob and the team as they meet real machines at work.

  • Как же я люблю такие вот детские яркие мини книжки!! Тут ещё и на английском - отлично для детей, начинающих учить язык.
    Закажу несколько наборов. :-))

  • Два набора получили - и теперь будем собирать и остальные. Слова учатся в несколько раз быстрее и легче, чем по любому учебнику!
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